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Hannah cans for cancer



This idea originated from an article in our local paper about a women who began recycling cans to raise money. Recycling is something Hannah and Colby do regularly with Dave. They take our cans and bottles to the grocery store or the beverage center and collect the money back from the deposits. Hannah had been looking into various ways to make money to help kids with cancer and she liked the idea of collecting cans and bottles for money! The money will be used to help improve the lives of kids dealing with cancer. This includes helping organizations such as Childlife at Schneider's, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (where Hannah stayed for her inpatient rehab work while receiving radiation treatment in Boston), the Smiles for Scott Foundation (, and others. 

Here at Riverhead Beverage we fully support Hannah's Cans for Cancer. You can bring the cans and bottles that you have lying around and bring it down to us. We have a full service recycling center and we will be happy to help you. All you have to do is bring in your rinced out returns to our store and tell us they are for Hannah. That's how easy it is to help out others in need!


Read more about Hannah from her blog!!

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