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Redemption Center

Redemption Hours:

M-Sat. 9-5

Sun. 9-4


Our redemption center is equipped with roughly 34 bins in which we organize every can/bottle of all sorts of beers and sodas!

So if you are looking to find a local spot to return your cans and bottles we are more than happy to help!

Step 1:

Bring your empties into the store right into our redemption center.

How To:

(Small amount)

Step 2:

If they are in a bag you need to take them out one by one and put them into trays/boxes.

Step 3:

When you are finished one of our employees will count them up for you and give you a ticket.

Step 1:

Pull around to our back parking lot.

How To:

(Large amount)

Step 2:

You can work directly from your car or bring your bags against the building and starting loading cans/bottles into boxes.

Step 3:

When you are finished one of our employees will count them up for you and give you a ticket.

Doing Your Empties From Home

This is a customer favorite. However it is very important that it's done right!

If you have large amounts of these brands of water:

You can fill up a bag like this:

Things to keep in mind:


- 144 Bottles of WATER to a bag.

- Do not mix the different sizes of bottles. The bag should all have the SAME SIZE bottle!

- Poland Spring, Deer Park and Pure Life can all be put in the same bag!


Just like the water bottles, you can also fill our clear bags with cans.

- 240 cans to a bag. (ALL SAME SIZE)

- Only cans of the same brand may go together. 


- Sprite and Fanta may go in the same bag.

- Crush and Fanta may not.



1. If you have empties that are dripping any sort of juice do not bring them into the store. You can drive around back and do the empties in the back parking lot.

2. We can only give you money for items that we sell in the store.

3. Absolutely no bugs.

4. We have the right to deny your empties if they are too smelly/gross.

5. 10 case limit. (this can be ignored if they are organized and ready to be dropped off as bags.)

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